Folding Soccer Goal

I think I will start this blog out with an issue that is not so much talked about; a folding soccer goal. However silly it might sound, a folding soccer goal is many times the only option for a lot of kids who want to play soccer. They are very easy to both transport and store, not to mention that they are usually much cheaper that a real soccer goal.

There is a lot of equipment on the market you can buy to give your kids a more enjoyable time playing soccer. The most important one is of course a ball closely followed by shoes. The next thing is of course a goal. That is only natural because the whole point of the game is to get the ball in the net.

If you don’t have a ground that you can put a real stationary soccer goal in, you should really consider buying a folding soccer goal. Usually a bit smaller in size, they will fit perfectly into your car without any problems. In addition they are not that heavy, and can easily be handled by one man alone.

The fact that they are a bit smaller might actually be a good thing for your kids. It makes it a bit harder to score, and thereby increasing the return on their target practice. The kids will definitely benefit from it later. Another good thing about smaller goals is if you have short sided games. These small goals will do perfectly on a smaller pitch with fewer players. A folding soccer goal might as well be used for competitive training with youths.

There are several benefits for both a soccer player and a team when training with smaller goals. The first thing is the accuracy of the shots. When the players have to hit a smaller target, they need to focus more on their technique, and after a while the general shooting accuracy will be improved. Another thing that might be better is the passing game of the team. While a large goal will invite the players to shoot very often, a smaller one will actually force the players to pass the ball more. For the same reasons, players will be better at dribbling. And if you want to get a smaller goal, why not get a folding soccer goal?

Just as there are small folding soccer goals, the bigger ones also exist. These goals are more directed towards adult practicing. They can be used just as you use the normal goals that are non folding.

Franklin Premier Folding Soccer Goal

The most popular folding soccer goal on the market today is Franklin Premier Folding Soccer Goal. This goal is very useful for all kinds of teams and players. This goal is actually quite large, but can be folded to fit just about anywhere you want. It makes a perfect practice goal, but in my own opinion it is a bit light to use for matches. The Premier Folding Soccer Goal cost about $100 in the stores, so it is no bargain but you will get good quality for your cash.

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